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New Year"s Eve 2014 at Jockey Club, Rio de Janeiro

Updated on Nov.30, 2013

Rio Réveillon 2014, the 8th edition of the New Year's Eve party at Rio de Janeiro's Jockey Club Brasileiro, can be said to have become a classic.

The party with three areas - Espaço Cîroc, Espaço Gávea and Espaço Lagoa - is keeping the musical lineup which has worked out well in previous editions: Monobloco, Banda Groove Box and DJs. A view of the fireworks in Copacabana and Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas in the VIP area.

This year, the featured DJs are Cidinho and Raphael de Lucca. Other DJs will be performing in between the main gigs, and a surprise attraction has been advertised.

Catering of the all-inclusive menus is by the Jockey Club's own Victoria Gastronomy Center and Grupo PAX (of Emporium Pax, which has a branch inside the Jockey Club's social area, and Pax Delicia at Lagoon Gourmet).

Espaço Gávea

The area features a food court with non-reserved tables and a breakfast buffet; more than 20 bars; a view of the Copacabana fireworks and Lagoa; about 80% of covered space; access to the main stage; security, medical staff on duty, and storage lockers for a separate fee.

The all-inclusive menu will be spread out into three stations. "Sustentação" - a fun name implying sustaining food to keep you going through the bash - will include turkey breast and pistachio terrine, bruschetta caprese, several types of mini club sandwiches, cold cuts, cheese platters and more.

"Salgadinhos" will offer appetizers such as mini kibbeh, croquettes, and quiche Lorraine.

Supper, served at 1 a.m., will include mixed greens and lentil salads, beef stew, codfish casserole, penne, black and white rice, potato noisette, fried bananas, farofa and more; for dessert, there will be mini cups of creamy goiabada), fruit salad, several kinds of pie, quindão (a large, pie-shaped quindim) and more.

The open bar will serve Smirnoff vodka, Red Label, Red Bull, beer, sparkling wine, cocktails, sodas and juice. Breakfast with ham and cheese croissants, sausage-filled potato rolls, toast, cake, cookies, fresh fruit, cheese and jelly will be served at 4 a.m.

Besides regular toilets, there will be portable toilets in the Gávea area.

Espaço Lagoa

The party's VIP area will have tables and chairs for all guests. This area will also have a kids' area with monitors, exclusive restrooms, and a special menu.

The cocktail-style service will run from 8:30 p.m to 11 p.m., with about a dozen items such as mini quiches, vol-au-vents, and croquettes. There will also be a "Sustenance" cold cut and appetizer station and two kinds of soup: Portuguese caldo verde and lentil and ginger broth.

Supper (9 p.m. to 1 a.m.) will be salads, some of the same dishes as the Gavea Space, such as black and white rice, beef stew and potato noisette, as well as roast pork with pineapples and other main dishes only served here.

For dessert, there will five types of pie and a fruit and chocolate cascade.

A complete breakfast will be served at 4 a.m., with hot dishes - eggs, sausage - besides cheese and cold cut platters, baked goods, fresh fruit, juices, milk, coffee and chocolate.

Espaço Cîroc

This will have access to all the areas of the event; reserved tables; a buffet; a kids' area; and other perks such as exclusive bartenders.

Cîroc vodka and caipivodka (caipirinhas made of vodka instead of cachaça), imported sparkling wine and Black Label will only be served in this space, which has a cocktail service with more than a dozen items such as shrimp in coconut with guava chutney, stuffed Thai rolls with sweet and sour sauce, and coalho cheese croquettes.

A snack buffet, supper and desserts similar to the ones in the Lagoa Space, rounded out with a hearty breakfast with hot dishes, will be served in Espaço Cîroc.

Ticket Prices

Check the party website ( for prices, which change with each new lot and as of this writing start at a little over R$300. Tickets can be purchased at South and Banco de Areia stores in Rio; check with your hotel or a local tour operator if they can purchase them for you or call 55-21-2263-5766 for information.

Children are allowed only with their parents or legal guardians and with the presentation of IDs.

Pre-Réveillon Party:

This year, the Jockey Club will also host Do Leme ao Pontal (, a party named after a Tim Maia hit, as a pre-Réveillon on December 27 at 8:30.

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