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Singita Faru Faru River Lodge - A Perfect Blend of the Fascinating Wild Africa and Luxury Safari

Location of Singita Faru Faru Lodge Faru Faru Lodge is built on a gently sloping hill, above a stunning waterhole along the Grumeti River.
The lodge is unmatched in beauty and rustic wilderness ambience.
It is located inside Grumeti Game Reserve, northern Tanzania.
The Grumeti Reserves form part of the Serengeti-Masai Mara ecosystem.
The Singita Grumeti Reserves is a conservancy concession that spans endlessly covering about 350,000 acres (140,000 hectares) of relatively untouched African wilderness.
About the Lodge - Faru Faru Singita Faru Faru lodge is a classic African safari lodge.
The lodge is amazingly stunning in design and architecture.
The suites and the main lodge, blend unobtrusively into the un-spoilt landscape of the Grumeti plains.
They are a modern interpretation of the traditional Maasai people's home.
There are only 8 suites at the Faru Faru lodge plus 1 Villa uite that can accommodate 4 people - ideally 2 couples.
At any one time there can only be 22 guests at this lodge.
Every suite at Faru Faru lodge has a picture window facing the waterholes and the river so that day or night, whatever the weather may be, you are still able to view wild animals in complete comfort.
However, it is when you step outside your suites in Faru Faru that you meet the magical and special quality of Faru Faru lodge and Grumeti Reserve.
In going out, you may opt to go on the guided wildlife game drives or arrange for equestrian tours or take a guided walking safari along the river.
Those who take the walking safari will never forget the unique feeling that comes with it.
By walking, you experience the wilderness of Serengeti the same way our most ancient ancestors did..
on foot.
Walking along the river bank or walking in the riverbed (during the dry season) puts you on alert in way that being in a game-drive vehicle cannot.
This experience of nature's sound often comes as a wonderful surprise to those who may be well acquainted with the appearance of wildlife from documentaries, videos and films.
What you never experience through these media, however, are the real sound of wildlife: the raucous rush of baboons in the bushes, the crashing of elephants through groves of trees, the wind-swept sigh of the tall grass as a great herd of wildebeest or zebra make their way through.
This chorus of the savannah is an unanticipated aspect of your encounter with the African wilderness.
And for change of pace, you may have a meal set under the majestic canopy of trees that arch over the Grumeti River.
A scene of gleaming silver dinnerware, crystal goblets and crisp- white linen is made even more memorable by the stunning contrast between the unspoiled nature and the unlimited luxury at Faru Faru River Lodge.
During the dry season, when the great herds depart to seek greener pastures in the north, the Grumeti area is left for the resident wildlife.
These are the animals never move away.
Giraffe, Cape Buffalo, Zebra, Impala and Topi all seek the life-sustaining water from the Grumeti River.
This river never dries up.
And even in places that appear to be dry, water flows just beneath the sand and the animals dig to easily reach it.
Those animals that cannot dig up congregate around the remaining pools of the river.
Thus animals gather here all year through, making Faru Faru lodge an all-year-round wildlife spectacle.
How to get to Faru Faru River Lodge Since your idea of enjoying the stunning African wilderness beauty is not a grueling 8 hour bumpy ride, we recommend flying from Arusha, near Kilimanjaro Airport.
There are daily schedule flights from Arusha to Sasakwa Airstrip.
Private charters are also possible to arrange through a travel agent or tour operator.

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