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The Married Life

It's so wonderful and awesome to get to marry your ideal man or woman, that's why when people find the chance, they immediately go for it! Who wouldn't want to get married to the person whom his or her heart desires? Now, although there are perfect weddings, there are no such things as perfect marriages.
Reality bites and it hurts.
Nowadays, more and more marriages end up as failures.
Couples just can't sort out their own differences and accept their partners for who they are, resulting in conflicts and eventually divorce.
One of the most common differences between couples is religion.
Religion is a very sensitive topic and if not dealt with properly with an open mind, may result to debates and arguments inside the home.
A husband just can't force his wife to believe what he believes in.
And the same thing goes with the wife.
She can't force her husband to come to church with her or attend a women's meeting and nag at him if he doesn't.
Another reason for failed marriages is because men tend to stay passive especially when their wives need them the most.
A Woman wants to be praised often, to hear that she's beautiful and lovely.
She wants to know what her husband feels about a situation.
But instead of speaking up, most men just keep their mouths shut, afraid, leaving their wives to talk to the creditor or the postman.
The next one is having an affair.
The most difficult time in a marriage is when a partner discovers that his or her spouse has fallen into another relationship.
The thought of breaking the family apart is never an option especially if the couple has children.
Every woman wants his knight in shining armor, and every man his damsel in distress.
But even though couples sincerely desire to have a happy and successful marriage, they just can't avoid some of these negative things to happen in their life.
So how can you get rid of these troubles? The answer is you can't.
Facing marital problems will be a lot easier if you have people around you who will support you and give you godly advices on how to keep your marriage.
The best thing to do is to surround yourself with friends.
Pour out your emotions to God and do not be afraid to say what you feel to get rid of any bitterness and heaviness in your heart.
This way you will have the strength to love your spouse unconditionally.

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