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Must visit beach for family vacation in Phuket

The Patong beach in Phuket situated perfectly between the beach of Kamala and the beach of Karon in west side of the island. The Patong beach is a popular spot for tourist who comes to the island for their honeymoon, wedding or family vacation. This is the perfect beach for vacation getaways as this beach offer several miles of coastline with white sandy beach and decorated with palm trees.

The island of Phuket has many beautiful and interesting beach which visitors can visit, enjoy and explore but the famous of all is the Patong beach which becoming a must visit beach if you are around the island. The beach activities here include sailing, beach volleyball, beach combing and snorkeling.

The Patong beach received year round warm weather where the average temperature around 28-30 degrees Celsius. All of this thanks to it's location around the Andaman sea and near from the equator. Popular activities in Phuket is not just around the beach but also on land like romantic picnics, hiking, cycling, tennis, golf and even tours around the preserve botanical gardens or rain forest.

The area around the Patong beach is the home of many beachfront Phuket villas and other nearby by the beach private villas. Phuket villas today is among the most sought after type of accommodation in Phuket. There are many kinds of private villas in Phuket from cheap villas to luxurious private villas and from one bedroom villas to six bedroom villas and more.  Many of the private villas in Phuket already well known in the world because frequently featured on magazine or news.

For those who enjoy shopping, the Patong beach offers a wide selection of special shops which sell anything from hand crafted jewelry, home decoration, shirts and other things which truly unique and you won't find the anywhere else. With what the beach has to offer many people from around the world choosing and flocking this beach as their beach vacation destination.  Kids will enjoy playing in the sand while their parents can enjoy the sun bathing and enjoying the sunset views that Patong beach is very well known for.

If you plan to have a beach vacation in the near future then choosing the Patong beach would be the perfect idea. Don't forget if visiting the Phuket island to choose your accommodation with private villas. Though around the island you will find many others type of accommodation like for example hotels, resorts or bungalows but Phuket villas will give you more for your money interns of privacy and serenity on your vacation.  There's something for each one of you including yours who hard to please.

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