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Strangest Car Accidents

Even though they can be of great help, the kinds of situations that lead people to contact a car accident attorney are usually not the types that people are very happy about.
With the Internet, however, it's easy to find accident information that is likely to make any car crash you've been in seem positively normal.
Here are some odd car accidents that have been publicized recently.
For Photos There are plenty of photos on the Internet supposedly showing odd happenings and, in all likelihood, a lot of them are faked.
The site CuriousPhotos.
com, however, has some that appear to be real of some very odd car accidents.
If you want to see a car stuck on the front of a train, teetering on the edge of a cliff or other oddities, take a look.
None of the photos contain gruesome elements.
More Photos You can also look here to find some good photos of odd car accidents.
Again, there's nothing gruesome, but some of the photos do appear staged.
It's unlikely, for instance, that anyone accidentally drove a car out of the back of a cargo plane.
Car in a Roof The site AccidentsPlanet.
com ran a story about a car that somehow ended up stuck in the roof of a church, almost 25 feet above the ground.
The police were still investigating how the car came to be that way at the time the article was written.
They said that the damage hadn't been assessed, either, though the car had taken 10,000 euros worth of damage, according to the article.
Lucky Driver According to the site Newser, a driver and his family plunged off of a California highway into a river.
The car they were in was partially submerged and the wife of the driver was holding his head out of the water as best as she could.
Fortunately, a kayaker was nearby and he came to help and, between the two of them, they managed to get the family to shore and to safety.
The kayaker said it was only minutes before that he was kayaking where the car crashed.
More Common Crashes Unfortunately, most car crashes are not funny or interesting, nor do they come with happy endings.
If you've been in a car crash and you need assistance getting compensation, you should speak with an attorney about the matter.
There are accidents that are unusual in terms of how they happen or their end results.
Car accident lawyers can investigate accidents so that the particulars can be sorted out and so that anyone who was negligent can be held accountable and made to pay compensation for the damage and the pain and suffering they caused.

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