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What to do before, during and after Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgeries is one of the most successful surgeries performed on the eye patients and it is so common and popular especially in Delhi that you can find end number of people who have undertaken this surgery. As cataract surgeries in Delhi are famous worldwide and patients from all across the world come to Delhi to get themselves treated. It has become like a revolution and has achieved worldwide recognition. As the cataract surgeries have been increasing at an alarming rate all across the globe, so it is better to understand that what happens before, during and after the cataract surgery so that if you are going for the surgery you remain aware about what is happening with you and can recover in a fast and efficient manner.

Before the cataract surgery:

The cataract surgeons in Delhi recommends that before you take the decision to undergo the cataract surgery it is necessary to consult your surgeon who will do certain test as to examine whether you are suitable candidate or not for the surgery. The test contains measuring the size and shape of your eyes and analyzing the problem. On the day of the surgery prefer to eat small and light meals and take all the required medicines before the surgery. Trust on the cataract surgeon who will apply his best skills to make your vision achieve the desired vision.

During cataract surgery:

As you are ready and prepared for the surgery, you will be provided with eye drops and area around your eyes will be washed properly. With best surgeon like Dr Narang doing the MICS Phaco Cataract surgery, it take less than 15 minutes and is painless. You have a choice of whether you want to stay awake or sleep during the surgery. If you remain awake then you will be told to keep your eyes still and firm and you can see various instruments used by the surgeon in order to perform the surgery. Make sure someone is there with you during the cataract surgery who can take you home as it is not advised to drive home the same day.

After cataract surgery:

It is necessary to take complete precautions after the surgery in order to gain complete benefits out of your surgery. The doctor will schedule the appointments to check on the progress so that he can remain updated about your improvement.

You will be provided with specific eye drops to help healing and make the progress faster. Always make sure that the area around the eyes should remain washed and clean after the surgery. Proper medications recommended at regular intervals should be taken to ensure effective treatment and cure.

Avoid rubbing or pressing your eyes and a shield will be provided by the surgeon in order to protect the eyes for few days which should be worn by you every time.

Try not to touch the eyes constantly and do not lift the heavy objects. Consult the surgeon  immediately if you feel any problems.

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