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Why Did Your Husband Cheat on You? 3 Ways You Can Decide Whether or Not He Deserves Forgiveness

Does the fact that your husband cheated on you seem to dig itself into your brain deeper and deeper every day?

I mean, if your husband really loves you, why would he cheat on you?

As you continue reading this article I'm going to be telling you exactly how you can understand what your husband did. I won't excuse it. I won't tell you it's your fault (because it's not). All I'll tell you is why, from his perspective, her cheated.

Hopefully by learning this you'll be much more able to move forward with the affair recovery process.

Sound good? Let's get started.

Why Did Your Husband Commit Infidelity?

I should warn you now that what you're about to read may not exactly be everything you want to hear. I'm going to try and make this as honest and straightforward as possible for you.

After all, the sooner you get to the truth, the sooner your marriage can get back to normal.

Possible Reason #1 - The "Five Year Hump"

Every marriage will eventually run into a 'hump' and the excitement will seem to really slow down. It's during times like these that your husband is most likely to cheat.

Somehow our society has trained our men to jump and leave the moment that a relationship gets boring.

Don't think that YOU'RE the one that made it boring, though. It's a perfectly natural thing, and it happens in all relationships eventually. At least for a little bit.

Possible Reason #2 - He Felt the Rush of 'The Chase'

It may have been something that happened too fast for your husband to even react to. It may have been that some woman flirted with him, and he just caught up in the fun and excitement of a new woman.

You can imagine that during the aforementioned "five year hump" your husband will be even MORE prone to this phenomenon.

It may not have been quite as fast as I described above, but the point is that an affair is thrilling. Your husband just had the opportunity and took it.

It's terrible, but there's a good chance this is exactly what happened.

Possible Reason #3 - He Felt Like You No Longer Had Respect For Him

If your husband doesn't feel respected, then you're virtually guaranteed that he will cheat. It's essential that in a relationship BOTH people feel respected AND needed.

If your husband felt unneeded, or frustrated because he felt like he was wasting his time, then this is a very likely excuse he will use for his affair.

So How Do You Make Him Stop Cheating On You?

Listen, I know that you're still a little bit uneasy about how to proceed from here. It's only natural that you be afraid of the future, but if you have faith in your marriage you can make it through.

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