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What to Wear on a Boat Cruise

    Daytime Wear

    • First, pack the basics for both men and women: one or two swimsuits (and a cover-up for women), two pairs of walking shorts, one pair of jeans, a few blouses/polo shirts, one or two lightweight pairs of slacks/skirts, undergarments, a good pair of walking shoes, a few pairs of socks/stockings (non-cotton), some water socks, a couple of white T-shirts (non-cotton), raincoat or plastic poncho, a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. Check with your cruise director to see where the ship will dock for off-boat excursions. Some islands and countries prohibit racy outfits like short-shorts and halter tops. It is best to tilt in the conservative direction.


    • Weather conditions can change dramatically, especially if you are taking a winter cruise or visiting a location like Alaska. Pack a lightweight to heavy jacket, one sweater, one pair of knit or wool pants, heavy socks and one pair of boots or high-top shoes. You may also want to pack a scarf or winter hat. It is best to be prepared for cold conditions instead of suffering through through them.

    Evening Wear

    • Most cruise ships have at least one formal dinner and several casual dinners. For the casual nights, bring dress slacks/skirts, a couple of blouses/dress shirts and a sport jacket (ties are usually optional). For formal dinners, a cocktail dress or long gown and a dark suit are appropriate. A tuxedo is optional on most cruises, but check with the cruise director. If it is required, a tuxedo can be rented before you sail; check with the cruise line for more information.

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