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The Atlanta Courthouse Shooting Case

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Previous developments in the Atlanta Courthouse Shooting case:

Two Arrested for Murder of Ashley Smith's Husband
June 23, 2005
Four years after Daniel (Mack) Smith was stabbed to death at an August, Georgia apartment complex, two men have been indicted and arrested for the stabbing death of the husband of Ashley Smith, the woman who convinced the Atlanta courthouse killer to turn himself into police.

Death Penalty Sought for Nichols
May 5, 2005
The Fulton County district attorney will seek the death penalty for the man accused of shooting his way out of an Atlanta courthouse, leaving four people dead and setting off the largest manhunt in Georgia history.

Ashley Smith Collects $70,000 Reward
March 24, 2005
Ashley Smith was given $70,000 in reward money for helping authorities capture courthouse shooter Brian Nichols.

Hostage: 'God Brought Him to My Door'
March 14, 2005
Ashley Smith, the 26-year-old hostage who notified police that the Atlanta Courthouse Killer wanted to turned himself in, read to Brian Nichols from "The Purpose Driven Life," shared her personal faith, and prayed with him for more than seven hours in her Duluth, Georgia apartment.

Courthouse Killer Waves 'White Flag' to Surrender
March 12, 2005
Brian Nichols, the man who killed three people in a Fulton County Courtroom Friday, waved a white flag to surrender to authorities after they surrounded a Metro Atlanta Area apartment that belonged to a woman who managed to call 911.

Courthouse Killer Gives Cops the Slip
March 11, 2005
The manhunt for an Atlanta man who killed three people at the Fulton County Courthouse Friday morning became a lot more complicated when the vehicle the suspect was thought to be driving was found 14 hours later on a lower deck of the same parking from which it was supposedly stolen.

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