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Which Stretch Mark Treatments Work?

When expanding skin is stretched and tiny tears appear on the skin surface, stretch marks will be present.
Fifty to ninety percent of pregnant women can expect to get this.
They will obviously looking for stretch mark treatments to get rid of this.
These will be present on the buttocks, thighs abdomen and breasts.
Thankfully there are methods that can be employed to get rid of these unsightly marks.
Causes of this can be numerous.
Women whose mothers had them during pregnancy can expect the same results.
Ladies with darker skin pigmentation stand a lower chance of having them.
Gaining and losing weight is another reason that these appear on the skin.
Firstly, women should drink a lot of water as keeping hydrated helps in a big way to avoid these.
It helps to stretch the skin and skin that stretches should not develop these marks.
Some women look for more permanent ways to get rid of them.
Plastic surgery can be an option.
Laser surgery is used most often to get rid of these in a permanent way.
This is quite handy as it is done on an outpatient basis and there is no recovery time required.
More than likely this is what attracts many women to this option.
Women who are not keen on laser surgery can opt for the blue light for stretch mark removal.
Gel and light are used with this method to get rid of the marks.
Women need to discuss these options with the doctor so that an informed opinion can be made about which route to take.
Some women prefer more natural approaches when it comes to stretch mark treatments.
One option is to rub cocoa butter cream into affected areas.
This will help promote moisture.
Furthermore, it promotes good circulation of blood to the area.
Certain creams are said to repair the growth of collagen and elastin in the skin.

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