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What is it All Men Want in Bed From a Woman?

Have you ever seen the TV show Family Fortunes, where they ask 100 people a question and the contestants have to guess their answers? Well if you ask 100 men what they want most from their lover, I bet all 100 would have the same answer.
That would be oral sex (fellatio), to a man there is no greater pleasure that a woman could give to him.
Men love fellatio so much that if they have a woman willing to perform it for them then that woman will be treated like a princess, he will do anything to keep her happy.
With this in mind if you learn how to suck his penis then he will be at your side forever, always willing to please you no matter what you ask of him.
So what exactly do men expect from fellatio? 1.
They want their partner to enjoy what they are doing, nothing is a bigger turn off than a woman going through the motions.
So even if you don't really like giving fellatio at least pretend that you do, this will add to his pleasure no end.
They want to be worshiped, as in they want to see you on your knees while you suck him.
This gives him a (false) sense of power as you kneel before him.
But in reality you are the one with the true power as you can get him to do anything you want him to do just by performing fellatio.
This is the big one, if you can can bring yourself to let him ejaculate in your mouth then he will never even glance at another woman.
This can be done in a couple of ways, as he ejaculates let his penis go deep thus avoiding the taste buds.
Or make him drink 2 pints of pure fruit juice the night before which will make it taste a bit better.
The above all make the man think he is control; he thinks he has a woman who will do anything to please him, he will worship you and treat you like a lady.
But the truth is by performing fellatio YOU are the one in control, you have the power to give him pleasure beyond his wildest dreams.
It's up to you how you use his power over him.

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