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How to Do the Yoga Garland Pose With a Chair

    • 1). Place a chair against a wall, with the back of the chair way from you and stand with your feet together a few inches in front of the chair. Inhale deeply and as you exhale, bend your knees, squatting as far as you can comfortably without picking your heels up off of the floor.

    • 2). Open your knees as you squat so that your torso can come to rest between your thighs; however, it is important that you only squat as far as you can comfortably. With heels firmly on the ground, reach your arms forward between your knees and take a firm hold on the seat of the chair.

    • 3). Lean forward slightly and press your forearms into the chair to help distribute the weight of your body and decrease strain on the knees and backs of the leg legs. Inhale slowly and deeply. With each exhalation, try to drop a bit further into the squat.

    • 4). Hold the garland pose for 30 to 60 seconds before inhaling, pressing into the chair and lifting to standing. With time, you will gain enough flexibility that you can keep your heels on the ground and release your hold on the chair. When you can do this, join your hands together in prayer position at your chest to enter the full pose.

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