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DIY Hydrogen Generator Warning

When gasoline prices rise, everyone starts to think of ways to save gas.
The output of exhaust gases from the typical vehicle should concern all of us.
Wouldn't it be nice to be able to use water to fuel your car? For less than the price to fill most pickup trucks, you can build your own DIY hydrogen generator.
While there has been much work in the are of hybrid technology in the past few years, most of the research has focused on storing extra energy in batteries.
We are still unsure of the length of time those batteries will last and know that the will be very expensive to replace.
Instead of using batteries, the DIY hydrogen generator stores energy as hydrogen and hydrogen oxide gasses.
Hydrogen and hydrogen oxide are unstable gasses.
Because of the chemical instability, they long to be converted back into water.
By mixing into gasoline and burning in a regular internal combustion engine, they are converted to water.
The only change you will see in exhaust gasses will be more water vapor, which is harmless.
Because of increased fuel efficiency, there will be fewer noxious gases spewed into the atmosphere.
These two gases alone are not able to be generated in significant quantities to run you vehicle alone, but if mixed with gasoline can increase you mileage by a factor of two.
DIY hydrogen generator plans and kits abound on the internet.
The first patent for this device was applied for in 1916.
The needed parts are available in local hardware stores and are very simple.
In fact, the wide mouth mason jar and plastic mayonnaise lid may be in your kitchen right now.
In addition you will need assorted nuts and bolts and vacuum tubing.
If you have to buy everything, you will spend about 65 dollars.
You may be able to save that amount in two to three fill ups at the gas station.
Why should you build a DIY hydrogen generator? First it will save you money.
Purchased prepared, these devices can cost up to 1000 dollars.
Even that is a bargain because of the money saved on fuel.
The DIY hydrogen generator will save you money over purchasing a hydrogen generator and will save you money at the pump.
You will also find that a DIY hydrogen generator is good for the environment.
As your vehicle is more efficient in its use of fuel, it emits fewer exhaust gases.
This will allow us to do our part in cleaning the air we breathe.
Finally a DIY hydrogen generator will cause your vehicle to last longer.
Engines that burn hydrogen gasoline mixtures last longer than those that burn gasoline alone.

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