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The Seven Commandments of Restaurant Safety

Running a kitchen is hard work. As the many shows about restaurants and cooking have shown, you don't just run on passion. It takes hard work, dedication, and a lot of teamwork. If you don't have a solid team you can rely on, you can be the best chef you want to be but it sure won't translate into a successful restaurant. As a chef you can be incredible at cooking, but for running a restaurant one chef alone won't cut it.

Here are the top safety reminders every kitchen must have. Keep your staff on their toes and you're sure to have a great restaurant people will love.
  1. Wear the right uniform. It's not just so people look like they belong or so you can figure out who's staff and isn't. The uniform is designed to ensure that the employee doesn't get his or her hair on the food, or that germs from the streets don't make it into the preparation area.
  2. Wash hands regularly. This is something so basic it doesn't even need to be repeated anymore, but somehow there are people who forget. Most restaurants have to post a "wash hands" sign to remind their workers. Washing the hands ensures that the handling of the food is safe and won't be contaminated. It's a minor thing that really makes a difference when you're handling food.
  3. Train staff to handle special equipment. Most modern kitchens have a lot of unique apparatuses and to use them incorrectly will cause either damage to the machine or damage to the user. Neither is ideal. Train all the kitchen staff how to use the machine in order to ensure that no accidents will arise.
  4. Mop up spills immediately. Spills are normal in a kitchen. The problem is when you don't clean up immediately. With people dashing about, a neglected puddle could cause someone else to slip. This could cause injuries to the person and damage to property in case the person was carrying cutlery, dishes, or food. This is also why most kitchens require slip-resistant footwear.
  5. Don't come in if you're sick. Some people insist on working because they don't want to miss a day of work even if they're sick, but this is unacceptable in a restaurant environment. Definitely you shouldn't be in if you have the flu, or even if it's just a cold. Stay home.
  6. Always be aware of hot surfaces. It's easy to get distracted but staff should always remember that they are in a kitchen filled with things that can burn them and cause serious injury. Don't forget to use the mitts and potholders designated for use.
  7. Know what to do in a kitchen fire. You have to be familiar with the tools of kitchen fire suppression. Practice how to use the fire suppression system during drills to make sure you won't be caught unawares when an actual fire breaks out. The kitchen is a place where fires and accidents can happen at anytime. Make sure you know the steps to conduct fire suppression

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