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Induction Kit - A Must Have for Your Vehicle

Induction kit is one of the most essential accessory your car.
This kit for your car is a filter which is cone shaped.
You need to install this kit near air inlet of the engine.
The original intake of air from the set is being taken out, and the kit is positioned on the air flow meter directly.
When this kit is installed, it helps in adding on the power of your car by increasing the flow of the air and thus the air pressure tend to get lost in course of reaching the engine is minimized.
Different kinds of models and brands are available for these kits.
You can choose from whatever suits you.
After you have decided on what kind of model you would like to go for, then you need to detach the cable of the negative battery of the car battery.
This is for your safety, as you would not like any source of electricity to be active when you are installing the kit in your car.
After you have ensured that there is no active source of electricity around, you need to take out the screws from the hose meant for intake purpose from the existing air box, and then air box should be lifted carefully out of your car.
The next step would be to disconnecting the engine breather pipe from the intake hose and next detach the intake hose and throttle housing.
Then, ultimately the intake hose should be gently removed from your car.
After the detachment of all these parts have been successfully done, then you need to assemble any kind of housings or support brackets which are included in the kit.
The next step would be to find the right areas in the engine of your car where these housings and support brackets need to be attached.
The exact location of where to fit these parts would be mentioned clearly in the instruction manual of the kit.
Next to do would be to attaching the brackets that offer support to the system in their correct positions with the help of a screwdriver.
After the support brackets have been attached at their right place, then you got to get started.
Begin with taking off the support for the air box from the chassis and do it by unscrewing the bolt.
The next thing to do would be to install any kind of cooling or heat shielding system to the brackets, as mentioned in the instruction manual.
Next to do would be connecting the air hoses by one of the ends to the place where it is indicated in the manual.
The indicated places would generally be the locations for the heat shielding or where the brackets are mounted.
Another end of the air hoses needs to be installed behind the car's grill.
Then you need to fix the intake pipe with the engine throttle, and then screw it in its place till it is fixed tightly.
Then, attach any other filters or rubber adapters to the end of the pipe, and install the breather pipe to the intake house.
Finally, reconnect the battery, and your car is all set.

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