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Greece against South Korea 2010 World Cup Odds

A pretty competitive match in Group B was anticipated on Saturday when Greece and South Korea confronted each other in World Cup probabilities.

The winner will be in prime position to move forward along with liked Argentina, so this was a essential World Cup betting match in Group B.

World Cup probabilities were nearly tied on this match between Greece and South Korea. On the three-way soccer betting line, Greece was 160, South Korea was 180 and the Draw was 200. The total was shown at two. With those probabilities, a scoreless draw or a 1-1 final seemed a definite likelihood. Neither squad has plenty of offense so one goal could have been sufficient to win this match.

Greece was without defender Vangelis Moras who is hurt however their defense is really good, it might not have made a difference. If anyone was to make a goal on Saturday and affect the World Cup probabilities it could have been South Korea's Ki Sung-Yong who played pretty well for Celtic in the Scottish Premier League. The threat for Greece is likely to come from Theofanis Gekas who was their top scorer in qualifying.

The playmakers were fun to watch in this match. Greece has Georgios Samara while South Korea has Park Ji-Sung. The player that finds some space on Saturday could make a big difference. Samara does not anticipate Argentina to lose and has already declared Greece is playing for second place in the group. With just one win in their past five games, Greece hasn't played well recently. They have just three goals in their past five games and have allowed 6.

The World Cup probabilities on this match were fairly shocking. Greece has shown nothing in recent games while South Korea is able to score a goal sometimes. The value is surely with South Korea in this match as Greece appears unlikely to get the outright win. A draw unquestionably seemed feasible in this match but South Korea had the capacity to open up with a win in World Cup betting and put Greece in serious jeopardy of not making it from the group stage.

Greece and South Korea have met three times in the last 10 years with the most current match being a 1- South Korea win two years ago.

Unfortunately for Greece, their gloomy World Cup record was maintained when South Korea won the match on Saturday. The match ended the same way as the past three World Cup appearances for Greece €" in defeat without a goal obtained.

Because of Lee Jung-soo and Park Ji-sung, the final score was 2-. Jung-soo got his point in at 7 minutes, establishing a bad precedent for the Greek squad in early stages in the game. They had started off well with full-back Vasilis Torosidis firing wide as he met skipper Georgios Karagounis' corner with an instinctive half-volley in the second minute. But after that, it was all downhill for the Greek squad.

To their credit, there have been a few good shots from the Greek squad that forced the South Korean goalkeeper to make some impressive saves, but did Greece ever actually stand a chance?

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