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How to Customize the GridView Edit Update

    • 1). Click the "Start" menu and select "All Programs." Click to open "Microsoft Visual Studio Express." This software is required to perform this task.

    • 2). Click the "View" tab and select "Design View."

    • 3). Locate the GridView in the right pane that you want to customize. Right-click the GridView and choose "Show Smart Tag" from the context menu.

    • 4). Click "Add New Columns."

    • 5). Place a checkmark next to "CommandField."

    • 6). Place a checkmark next to "Edit/Update."

    • 7). Click "OK." You will see an "Edit/Update" button in the database.

    • 8). Click the "Edit/Update" button. This will open boxes where you can add or edit existing data in order to customize it.

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