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How to Make Model Volcanoes Erupt

    Creating the Eruption

    • 1). Inside the tub, pour sand into a mound that is at least two times as tall as the side of the tub. Using your hand, dig out a hole at the very top of the mound that is deep enough to fit the entire container inside, but not any deeper than that. This will be your volcano model.

    • 2). Place the container into the volcano so that its lip sits at the very top edge of the model. Make sure that it doesn't sit too deeply within it.

    • 3). Spoon 4 teaspoons of baking soda into the tub.

    • 4). Mix together the water, dishwashing liquid and vinegar in a separate mixing bowl.

    • 5). Pour the mixture into the tub with the baking soda. The substance should now begin bubbling over the sides of the volcano. If you don't see an eruption right away, stir the mixture in the tub with a spoon.

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