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The standard time that it takes for house loans to develop from the application to the approval phase is approximately two to three days. Nonetheless, the exact time-frame is also affected by the actual lender providing you with the loan product, the complexity of the application in connection with documentations and other requirements and the time required by the valuer to perform the valuation process.

Simple as it is, being able to secure a home loan goes through the process of first application (in the office or online), consultation with broker agents, applicant interview, application, conditional approval, valuation of property, unconditional approval, document processing and finally the loan settlement.

Even prior to the application, you could start to try home loan calculators and tools supplied in mortgage loan websites. It would provide you with an idea of just how much you could afford to borrow as well with regard to the information you type in. There are calculators that compute projected repayments based on payment frequency and interest rate.

You should remember that home loan rates are unstable. You need to check them on a regular basis in order to correctly manage your mortgage. Interest rates are set by Reserve Bank of Australia based on the countrys economic condition. This is done to stabilize the overall economy.

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