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Dragon Age 2 – A Stunning Rpg

Bioware one of the more respectable video game developers seems they are on steroids. They are producing one masterpiece after another. This article will talk about the Dragon Age rpg series. Bioware first began the series with Dragon Age Origins. Then they released an expansion named Dragon Age Origins – Awakening. And now they have released Dragon Age 2. Origins was such a great rpg. Awakening divided the players, some liked some not so much and others hated it. Dragon Age 2 comes to stir the pot really good with many improvements.

Dragon Age 2 is an incredible role playing game and many developers and gamers consider it a reference point in the rpg industry. Unfortunately not all the gamers have the same opinion. There are players who need, ask and demand for more. They are not easily satisfied. Those people have played a lot of video games and have developed a solid base of exerience. They know what they want and need and what is important in a game to achieve the "wow" title. I am one of them. If I am going to pay for something I want it to make me scream with excitement. Did Dragon Age 2 achieve that. No definitely not, but still the game is wonderful and totally worth the money.

Mostly across US and Europe, many video game magazines gave really positive reviews but it did not get the the results of Origins. Some gave it titles and awards like : Editor's choice award, Best rpg of the decade, Greatest game experience and things like. Others stated they had many sleepless nights playing this game and they feel no regret about it.

On the other hand there were many magazines and reviewers who were not pleased as much as the people in the above paragraph. Some said that the area of setting was way too small, there were no noticeable characters, the combat system has been simplified too much and they created it to attract more new players in Dragon Age without respecting the old hardcore players, or at least do something to connect those two parts more smoothly. Others said that with all the improved polish the basics still need some work. My opinion on this is that a lot of old timers got really disappointed with the simplified system, I am not happy with it either.

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