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A Look Around The Nokia N8

The new Nokia N8 could well be the mobile handset that smartphone fan have been waiting for.
Undoubtedly the most impressive effort at a smartphone to date from the manufacturers, the handset has plenty to keep seasoned users and newcomers entertained.
An integral part of any mobile handset is its connectivity options.
No longer is a phone required to simply text and make calls, with the modern user requiring e mail and web access as well as synchronisation with wire free devices.
The N8 should never be found wanting in this department thanks to a wide range of options available to ensure that you can always stay in touch.
Perhaps most importantly, the phone is 3G compliant.
3G offers user the fastest data exchange rates whilst on the move, and consequently the fastest experience.
It also enables the handset to support functions such as push notifications on e mail, meaning you are instantly alerted to incoming e mails rather than needing to log in to check your inbox.
3G coverage is widespread, however there are times when you may be out of range, so the phones GPRS and EDGE facilities offer a suitable back up for such circumstances.
If you can connect to a WiFi hotspot, or if you are at home and wish to link to your own router, the Wireless LAN gives the most complete mobile experience, with lighting fast data speeds.
This also comes into handy when accessing Ovi Store, Nokias version of iTunes where you can download various applications and media content.
As far as measurements go, the Nokia N8 is fairly similar in its measurements to many of its competitors.
Obviously in order to accommodate the large screen and wealth of features that smartphones boast they are never going to be as small as more basic fashion phones and clam shell designs.
At 113.
5 x 59.
1 x 12.
9mm the phone sits nicely in the palm, and doesn't feel neither to big or to small, the design is perfect.
A 3.
5" screen comprising AMOLED technology gives user superb image clarity thanks to the 360 x 640 resolution it displays.
In addition to this the handset is capable of showing a massive 16.
7 million colours.
A 12 million pixel camera is certainly high specification on paper, and it lives up to this in the flesh, with a Carl Zeiss lens, Autofocus and and Xenon flash all contributing to make the still photography experience both easy and rewarding.
If you fancy recording moving footage, the unit captures images at 25 frames per seconds in the excellent 720P high definition standard.
Everything about the Nokia N8 feels right.
From the design through to the features, it is obvious that the developer have worked hard on this model and it is evident that this work will pay dividends, with many seasoned HTC and Apple fans surely due to cross over to this great new model.

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