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How to Throw Cards With Surgical Accuracy

If you love to do card magic tricks, one skill that is absolutely essential is to be able to accurately throw a card, and have it land either face up or face down, wherever you want it to.
Many people spend hours practicing this seemingly impossible task, but it's actually quite easy.
In this article you'll learn the basics, and how to get started.
Before you know it you'll be throwing card with pinpoint accuracy and impressing any crowd you see.
To start with, your grip on the card is the most important.
Before you even start to practice throwing, you'll need to practice gripping.
There are couple different ways to grip the card, so I recommend that you try a few out and see which one works best for you.
This is a basic skill, so the more you practice, the more your skill will naturally increase.
The most simple and basic grip is by holding the card between your index finger, and middle finger.
Hold the card just like you would a cigarette, between your two fingers.
Two fingers should hold the card just under the corner, toward the direction you would be throwing it.
Another more advanced grip is by holding by the tip of your index finger, on the corner.
Beneath the card, on the underside, you hold your middle finger, just barely touching it at the middle.
Your thumb is at the back of the card, just touching the corner opposite of where you are holding you index finger.
Now you know a couple basic grips, it's time to develop some pinpoint throwing accuracy.
You throw a card just like your throw a Frisbee.
By throwing it like a Frisbee, that simply means that it's all in the wrist.
Keep your hand as steady as possible, and flick your wrist with only a small amount of movement with your forearm.
To start, just focus on distance, see how far you can throw the card.
Once you've got that down, start to practice on hitting objects across the room.
Once you've got that down, you can experiment with turning your wrist slightly as yo throw, giving the card a secondary rotational effect as it is twirling through the air, which will cause it to spin in any number of different arcs and curves.
Of course, with any skill, the more the practice, the better you'll get.
Many people get lots of good practice time by having a couple decks handy while watching TV, and then seeing how many specific objects they can hit during commercial breaks.
By practicing in this manner, you'll quickly develop deadly and accurate aim with stunning precision.

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