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Bathroom Design Scandinavian Style

Sensible Scandinavians have always favored ceramic tiles for wet areas surface material. Scandinavian bathrooms are covered by them! Tiles are highly resistant to moisture and abrasion. They are dust-free, and the surface of the tile is easy to keep clean. For floor, roughened surface of floor tiles prevents accidents caused by slippery floor.

Tile ranges vary from hardware store to another, and according to trends. From inspiring fashion styles to traditional white, colors, shapes and surface structure can be found. Natural stones are getting more and more popular; earthy atmosphere is created with dark brown or anthracite gray floor tiles. Dramatic person decorates with black and white or strong colors available from many manufacturers. Interesting design objects can be created by using colored tiles in the middle of more traditional ones. Surface of the wall does not really have to be perfectly flat: variety can be created with tiles made by stone, glass or metal all of which are becoming increasingly popular when people conduct renovation (in Finnish: remontti) in their bathrooms.

For the shape and size of tiles, the basic square tiles are always popular, but now small mosaic tiles and large, elongated plates have begun to appear in Scandinavian bathrooms. Easier one to install on the floor is the flat 10x10 centimeters tile. Variation can be created by using natural stone platform under a shower, and then larger tiles for walls. With decorated tiles, bold graphic swirl and flower motifs can be installed in the bathroom. These tiles can also make the framework of a mirror, or mark the place of the shower. By combining variety of shapes and sizes of tiles the bathroom gets more individual.

In order to avoid the water from the shower being all around the bathroom, shower walls, shower corners, or walk-in shower can be used. More closed the chosen system is, more splash it keeps within the four walls. For example, the Cello Atlas shower cabinet series represents a new generation of design that strives to take all use from the space utilization. Atlas models are made from glass surface with silver-gray aluminum profiles. Wheels on doors make installation and cleaning easy and the door opening direction is selectable. Raised edges will keep water inside the shower cabinet, so the installation does not require silicon.

In this kind of scenario, water is controlled through a pipeline directly to the floor drain.

Shower facilities are also available as panels, with a mixer nozzle and everything you need in one package. Panel of suitable water temperature by pressing a button prior settings.

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