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How to Connect a Boost Gauge in a Mustang

    • 1). Place your boost gauge in a convenient location. You can mount the gauge in-dash, on the dash or in a gauge pillar-pod that attaches to your door column. If using the column method, push the pod onto the column until it latches into place. You may need to use glue or screws to secure it to the column. Check the specific product directions for details. If you would like to mount the gauge on top of the dash, align the mounting bracket on top of the dash and use a drill to insert the screws into the dash. Use a rotary tool to cut a hole into the dash if you are going to place the boost gauge into the dash. If mounting the gauge in-dash, use the mounting bracket according to product directions.

    • 2). Locate the a vacuum hose on your vehicle. Drill a hole into the vacuum hose the same diameter as your T-fitting.

    • 3). Insert the T-fitting into the hole and insert a vacuum line into the other end of the T-fitting. Place the ferrule and sealing nut that comes with your boost gauge onto the line to lock it into place.

    • 4). Route the vacuum line through your dashboard and connect it to your boost gauge.

    • 5). Route the negative wire of your boost gauge to a grounded bolt on the chassis of your Mustang by wrapping the wire end around the bolt. Locate a power supply in your vehicle such as the windshield wiper motor, or the dash illumination power line. Route the positive end of the wire into one of these power supplies. Check the gauge to see if it is operating; if not, check your connections.

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