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Sarah Palin - Past, Present, Future

The election is over but Sarah Palin is not.
Who was she? She was a mother, wife, soccer mom, athlete, fisherman and governor of Alaska.
She dressed well, looked pretty, worked hard and did some wonderful things for the residents of Alaska.
She did not ask to run for Vice President.
She did not spend thousands of dollars on her clothes.
She did not get an abortion when she knew her baby would be developmentally challenged.
She had courage, fortitude and foresight.
Today she is still governor, she is still pretty.
She is still a mom and wife.
She obviously does not care about fancy clothes as they were all returned.
They dressed her up, tried to change her demeanor, and also her attitude.
They succeed in dressing her up, changing her appearance a little ...
but never her attitude.
Yes, she played by most of the rules, and did what she was told.
Loved by all the people? Not be a long shot, however there were thousands who came out to hear her speak.
That will never be forgotten.
She is back in her home town, governing away at her very best.
How come Alaska has enough surplus dollars to give back to the citizens? It does make you kind of wonder about things in our 48 contiguous states.
What does tomorrow hold for this upbeat, aggressive, altruistic leader? Some are talking about 2012.
It seems like she is pretty darn happy to be home and back at her desk.
She has a lot of work to do, and she is at it again.
Her family remained intact.
No, her family is not perfect, but whose family is? Predictions..
Keep your eyes open for 2012.
I think it is a very good possibility that we will be seeing Sarah Palin drawing the crowds once again.

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