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The Battle Of Fromelles Fought During The Great

The Battle of Fromelles during World War I began on 19th July 1916 and concluded the next day. The assault began near the village of Fromelles in N . France and was meant to remove the emphasis from the battle that was taking place 50 miles to the south at the Battle of the Somme which had started on 1st July 1916.

History has implied this particular battle was quite unnecessary since it cost many men their lives for little reason. British and Australian troops were both ordered to attack the frontlines throughout World War I. This battle, which lasted only moments is thought to have claimed the lives of no less than five thousand Australians and fifteen hundred British troopers.

It took ninety four years before all the troopers were laid to rest in a cemetery, as they were initially buried in a mass burial plot but now lie to rest quietly at the Pheasant Wood Cemetery which is dedicated to their sacrifices. Fromelles had been a joint effort by the British and those who were in Australian army also referred to as Australian Imperial Force.

It is thought to have been a failure as the assault itself was unsuccessful in the attempts to generate a diversion for the enemy. One of the reasons historians suggest it was a disaster was the fact that the troops were told to attack in the light of day, which made them a target for the enemy as they were in plain view from the moment they went over the top.

Today you will see in the Fromelles Australian Memorial Park a statue that honours the numerous fearless troopers that were witnessed carrying out the wounded. One of those troopers Sergeant Simon Fraser from the 57 Battalion tells the tale of how he personally began carrying one of the wounded and heard a faint voice asking for aid who he did help pull to safety. Sergeant Fraser would later lose his life the next year as he fought in the Great War.

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