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How to Transplant Rose Cuttings

    • 1). Examine your rose and its new roots. If it does not yet have a solid new root system, put it back and allow it to continue rooting using whatever method you have been using. If it is ready, go on to Step 2.

    • 2). Prune your newly rooted rose, by removing any dried leaves or overgrown stems.

    • 3). Prepare a pot with a mixture of topsoil and fertilizer.

    • 4). Gently press your new rose into the soil and water it to moisten the soil.

    • 5). Rotate the area that the rose is growing in. Avoid strong sun light, that may be too drying. Instead, partial is a good option.

    • 6). Relocate your rosebush to the garden area when the proper planting time has approached. You should see good results if you are patient, attentive and follow these instructions explicitly.

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