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Fast Food Nutrition Effects on Young Children

    Nutrition of Fast Food Meal

    • One little meal at a fast-food restaurant yields a whopping calorie count, a high amount of fat and an amazingly high sodium count. For example, a Spanish Omelet Bagel from McDonald's contains 710 calories, 40 g of fat, 275 mg of cholesterol and 1,520 mg of sodium.

    High Cholesterol

    • Children that consume fast food are at risk for many health problems. Besides a higher cholesterol level and a higher risk of cardiovascular disease (or heart disease).

    Weight Gain

    • Studies have shown that children who eat fast food regularly consume more than 187 extra calories, which computes to approximately an additional weight gain of 6 lbs. a year. These children are at risk for the largest health concern, obesity. Childhood obesity has tripled since 1970, and fast food consumption has gone up by 500 percent.

    Other Health Issues

    • Children who are obese are at a greater risk for various health issues. Some health concerns are diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. These same children face a lower self esteem as adolescents, and often become depressed or have anxiety disorders.


    • To prevent obesity and the possibility of the accompanying health risks, children should eliminate fast food from their diet and seek to live a more active lifestyle. Adding foods low in fat, high in fiber, and adding more fresh fruits and vegetables can lead children to a healthier life.

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