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Uses for Altoids Tins

    Decorative Boxes

    • Altoids boxes can be turned into lovely gift and keepsake boxes. Decorate the boxes with acrylic paint, glitter, rhinestones, sequins or polymer clay.

    Woodwind Instrument Reed Cases

    • The small size and sturdy construction of an Altoids box makes it an ideal place for clarinet, saxophone, oboe and bassoon players to store and protect their reeds.

    Purse Storage

    • Stick an Altoids box in your purse or messenger bag as a way to carry tiny items you don't want lose such as coins, makeup, lip balm, USB drives or feminine products.

    Business Cards

    • Altoids boxes are just the right size to store business cards and are great if you carry your cards with you and want to keep more on hand than you can fit in your wallet.

    First Aid Kit

    • An Altoids box makes a great storage box for a tiny first aid kit that you can carry with you at all times.

    Smoking Supplies

    • If you smoke, but prefer to roll your own, an Altoids box can make your supplies as convenient to carry as a package of pre-made cigarettes.

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