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Things to Keep as a Souvenir From New York

    Souvenir Shop Items

    • Souvenir shops teem with things that relate to New York, such as coffee mugs, pens, pencils, key chains, magnets and replicas of famous buildings and landmarks. Any of these items make acceptable souvenirs to help you remember your trip.

    Wearable Souvenirs

    • Also available in souvenir shops and on many street corners are wearable souvenirs, such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and hats. They come in all colors and sizes and in a great variety of prints and logos. Buy something to wear that's a bit different, like a special item of jewelry from a regular jewelry store, making it a bit more special. Or, buy a pair of shoes or a scarf from a specialty shop in New York.

    Practical Souvenirs

    • Look for items that would help you remember the good times you had on your trip while being useful in your everyday life. If you like to cook, find pot holders or dish towels with pictures of the places you visited. Gardeners could use a knee pad or a pair of gloves. If you enjoy books, consider a guide book as a relevant souvenir. Or, if you need a map of the city to help you get around, keep it for a souvenir. The guide book and the map could be considered both sentimental and practical.

    Unusual Souvenirs

    • A notebook might not sound like much of a souvenir, but if you like to write and you want to keep a journal of your visit, purchase a notebook or other type of journal at a gift shop or a bookstore in the city and use it for your journal. Every time you look back over your journal entries about your trip, you will remember when and where you bought your journal. Buy a special pen in New York to write your journal entries.

    Sentimental Souvenirs

    • Keep sentimental items as souvenirs. Save ticket stubs from movie theaters and live shows, receipts from stores and place mats from restaurants.

    Photographic Souvenirs

    • You might not think of photographs as being souvenirs, but strictly speaking, they are. You take them when you travel, so they are photographic souvenirs. However, if you want to take the idea a bit further, take your favorite digital memories to your local photo-processing store and have them made into personalized items such as coffee mugs, key chains, computer mouse pads, and charms.

    Free Souvenirs

    • Pick up souvenirs that won't cost you any money. If you go to a restaurant that uses coasters with logos, either ask for an extra or keep the one your server gives you. Hotels generally have small bars of soap and bottles of shampoo for their guests with the hotel's logo. Take a couple of them home with you.

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