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How to Cook Cake in a Glass Dish

    • 1). Pick a recipe. Choose any kind of cake recipe; all ingredients cook well in a glass dish.

    • 2). Adjust the oven temperature for the glass dish. Turn the oven on and set the temperature for 25 degrees F lower than the baking temperature in the recipe.

    • 3). Prepare the cake batter according to the recipe. Run a spatula or knife through the batter several times after mixing to reduce air bubbles.

    • 4). Grease the glass dish--or two glass dishes the same size for a layer cake--with cooking oil or shortening. Use clean fingers to spread a thin layer of grease over the bottom, sides and corners (if any) of the glass pan to help keep the cake from sticking to the glass.

    • 5). Pour the batter into the glass dish. Divide the batter in half between the two glass dishes for a layer cake.

    • 6). Put the glass dish of cake into the oven to cook the cake.

    • 7). Check the recipe for the recommended baking time. Ovens vary in how hot they run, so set a timer for 10 minutes early.

    • 8). Use a potholder to pull the oven shelf out far enough to reach the center of the glass dish without burning yourself. Insert a wire or pick in the center of the cake and pull it back out. When the cake's done, the wire comes out clean. If there's dough or crumbs on the wire, use the potholder to slide the oven shelf back in. Shut the oven door and continue baking the cake for another 10 minutes. Check the cake again. Bake for another 5 minutes if necessary.

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