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Popular Types of Magic Tricks

Magic is a performance art that intends to amaze and astonish people.
The audience for an illusion can consist of a large number of people or just a few or even one.
They can make use of a large stage with a certain distance or they can be done up close.
Either way if the trick leaves the audience in wonder and amazement, then it has been a successful performance.
From beginner to professional, there are many types of magic tricks that magicians use to entertain their audiences.
Some magicians try to specialize in one or two of the many styles in order to become a master at it.
Some forms of magic can be learned very quickly while others may take years to fully learn and master.
Here are a few of the many types of magic tricks that magicians use in their performances.
Stage Magic One of the most widely used forms of magic is stage magic.
Stage magic is usually performed for a medium sized or large audience.
It generally makes use of many props and backstage areas.
The magician has a large area to maneuver and store his props this aids in producing large, complex illusions.
Street Magic This type of magic can be performed virtually anywhere.
Unlike stage magic, street performances usually don't have any props larger than something that could fit in the magician's pocket.
They frequently will even use objects from the audience as props.
Street magic can be very appealing to spectators because the tricks are performed in close proximity to the crowd.
But this can also make street magic trickier to master.
A street magician will regularly have to perform with people watching from very close and from just about every angle.
The magician has much less control of his environment than a stage magician.
Escape Magic As you can probably guess, this form of magic deals with tricks that involve confinement or restraints.
Sometimes referred to as escapology, the magician allows himself to be bound (usually with rope or chains) and/or confined to a small box that is locked from the outside.
The trick consists of the magician being able to free himself without the use of tools in spite of the almost impossible situation he finds himself in.
The more this trick compels the audience to feel claustrophobic, the better! Mentalism The form of magic in which the magician tries to manipulate the minds of the audience into believing that he possesses special abilities is called mentalism.
The mentalist usually performs tricks that involve him predicting the future, reading minds or controlling the minds of the audience.
Mentalism can be performed on stage with large audiences or close up with a small or solitary audience.
David Blaine and Criss Angel are two of the more famous masters of mentalism.
Theatrical Seances Magicians can employ spiritual or mediumistic types of tricks to perform theatrical séances.
The magician will use this method to make the audience believe that they are speaking with or conjuring up ghosts.
These performances are not really "spiritual" but are meant to look as though they are purely for entertainment purposes.
Unfortunately some unscrupulous people have used these techniques to fool people and scam them out of their money.

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