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The Relationship Between Jews and Germans in the Holocaust


    • Adolf Hitler and his Nazis spread anti-Semitic propaganda throughout the Holocaust years. They told the German people that Jews were dirty, lesser human beings than Aryans. Hitler went so far as to say that Jews "are not human." The Nazis stigmatized Judaism, forcing segregation and forcing all German Jews to wear yellow Stars of David. Nazi-era Germans began to hate Jews. Those who did not treat Jews with derision or dared to help the beleaguered Jews were criminals in the eyes of Nazi Germany.

    Laws Against Jews in Nazi Germany

    • During the Holocaust, many laws were passed that turned Germans against the Jews. German Jews could no longer be citizens of Germany. Jews were not to marry non-Jewish Germans. They could no longer vote. Jews had larger taxes and no right to work in the most lucrative industries. History shows us that some Germans, such as Oskar Schindler, and Hans and Sophie Scholl, were willing to help the Jews at risk of their lives, but this was the exception. Most Germans hated Jews along with the Nazis or were scared of what the Nazis would do to them if they were caught helping Jews. They had a reason to be scared. Hans and Sophie Scholl were beheaded.


    • Violence against Jews was not punishable in Nazi Germany. Nazis gave Germans the freedom to commit violence and theft against Jews. On November 9-10 in 1939, riots broke out in Nazi Germany, an event that came to be known as Kristallnacht. Non-Jewish Germans and Nazis spread destruction, looting and death through Jewish neighborhoods. Roughly 26,000 Jews were sent to concentration camps around the time of Kristallnacht.


    • The anti-Semitism and violence against Jews in Nazi Germany hit its most extreme with mass murder by the German government. All of Europe's Jews were at risk of murder by Nazi Germany during the Holocaust. Germans sought out Jews in every country they occupied during World War II. These Jews became victims of forced labor, starvation, disease, inhumane treatment and murder.

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