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What Are the Problems Encountered While Trying to Transfer a Timeshare Contract?

Everybody wants leisure holidays in the best possible places with the utmost comfort, ease and convenience.
This is the concept behind timeshare holiday.
You take a membership with the company and you enjoy a holiday for a fixed period of time during the year and you get to choose from a number of destinations? Sounds like the perfect vacation plan for the future? Well people have differing views about this timeshare concept.
There are some members who are extremely satisfied then there are those others who beg to differ and they are waiting to see or transfer their timeshare to someone else.
So can a timeshare contract be transferred or sold to someone else? In most cases yes, although the transfer is a long, cumbersome and complicated process.
First and foremost the clause or transfer should be closely looked into.
Every timeshare contract should possess this clause and if all the questions and doubts regarding the transfer are amicably taken care of then nothing like it.
Next is to find a buyer who wants to procure a timeshare with the same company.
If you know someone who might be interested in buying the timeshare from you then they will also want to know why you want to sell it.
Are you prepared to tell him you are unsatisfied with the company and the quality of your holidays? The next problem arises with ascertaining if you have any arrears in payment due to the company and paying up.
Also the timeshare company may charge a fee for the transfer.
Only when all these expenses are taken care of, can you even start with the transfer process by drawing up an agreement between the buyer and you.
Transfer of timeshare contracts is not easy and every timeshare owner should understand that.

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