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Whitening Teeth Tips - A Free Way To A Brighter Smile

It's a very common to want whiter teeth. Dentist who practice cosmetic dentistry have been whitening teeth [] for years. Now, there's many over the counter options to whitening your teeth. There are bleaches who promises to make your smile brighter than ever. There are gels that promise to change the shade of your teeth from 7-12 shades lighter. Most of these products have the same ingredients such as carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide.

But what about cost? Do you really need to pay several hundred dollars for these products? Are they over hyped and are there alternatives? Over the counter products that you can buy at your drug store can get quite expensive. Why? Well, there's a couple of reasons. Name brands. We've all learned that any name brand product is going to be more expensive because the manufacture has higher over head and they have a massive ad budget. The next reason is the amount of peroxide that's in the gel. The higher the consistency, the higher the price. Some kits also include teeth trays and syringes to inject the whitening gel, while others might only be teeth whitening strips.

There's many ways to improve your life and live a relaxed lifestyle such as whitening your teeth. Many people stress over their looks, and the cost associated to improve them. So, here's a money saving tip to help you stay stress free about your teeth.

You can brighten your teeth for nearly nothing with simple products you most likely have in your home. Mix a couple of tea spoons of baking soda with a couple of tea spoons of peroxide. Add a small dab of toothpaste (you may need to play with the consistency a little bit). Brush your teeth thoroughly. Rinse well with water, and then brush your teeth again with your regular toothpaste. You will be surprised at how white you your teeth will look! And you've most likely not spent any money.

Brushing this way once or twice a week will keep your teeth looking white, and most importantly - clean! All for $0.00!

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