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Giggidy Advertising is Your One Stop Web Development Agent in Massachusetts

* What are your firm's core competencies?
Our team is composed of individual professionals, each an expert in their tasks of web design, development, branding and marketing. With each project, we allocate a team project manager who works with the required skills professionals to get the project done properly, and in a timely manner.
We specialize in custom-made web design and development.
Front-end web code is done in HTML, CSS, Flash, JavaScript AJAX and XML. All front-end coding is done to the W3 standards.
Programming is done in the latest versions of PHP & ASP.Net. We can work with most any database code.
Our branding and marketing professionals have the knowledge, and the experience in asking the right questions and producing the proper end results.
Our team takes full accountability for our work.
* What is your positioning in the marketplace?
Giggidy Advertising has been in existence since Summer of 2008 with our primary location in Massachusetts, and dealing in web development in Massachusetts []
and satellite offices in Maine and Nashville. We are a digital media and online marketing firm, composed of 12 professionals. We work very closely with our clients and our entire team is hands-on. This enables us to give better service and quality to our clients.
We provide personal attention to our clients to ensure they are aware of all project details and progress. Our managers take personal responsibility to ensure the success of each project they undertake.
Our team is composed of:
o 1 Creative Director
o 2 Project Managers
o 2 Account Managers
o 2 Designers
o 3 Programmers
o 1 Online Marketing & Copywriting Professionals
o 1 Quality Control Personnel
* How do you measure site success?
At the very start of each project, our project managers work closely with our clients to define the end goals which include project features, budget, time frame and marketing results (i.e. increase by a certain percentage the number of sales, visitors; increase brand awareness). During the production, the project manager gives continuous updates and progress reports.
This measuring and communication system enables our project managers to make each and every project a success.
* Can you provide examples of success stories?
With the under taking of each project, our goal is to make a success story out of each task. Whether it is to enhance brand loyalty, increase sales, and/or improve internal company transactions and procedures.
Management of Projects & Quality Assurance
* How do you handle changes in project requirements and changes in scope?
Everything is documented and accounted for. You'll be receiving continuous updates from your allocated project manager throughout the week to ensure you are fully aware of progress and are approving all work being done.
* Who would be on our project team? What is their expertise? Who would be the key contact?
With every new project we allocate a project manager and the required team of professional designers, developers, and/or marketing experts. Your project manager will be responsible to update you on a continuous basis and would be your key point of contact.
In addition, you'll be provided with an Account Manager who's responsibility is to follow up with you during production and ensure your satisfaction with our project manager and team's progress.
* How will you handle minor updates following site launch?
After the project is completed, we can provide either a monthly maintenance plan for updates or you can choose to pay hourly/project fees for additional future work.
* What is your availability and responsiveness for minor and major updates?
As we would like you to view us as your own in-house creative and technology team, and have your rely on us for both skilled support and guidance, we have the team and capability to handle emergency updates, whether minor or major.
* Is programming done in-house?
All programming is done in-house by our developers under the guidance of our qualified project managers.
* What languages do you code in?
Front-end web code is done in HTML, CSS, Flash, JavaScript AJAX and XML. All front-end coding is done to the W3 standards.
Programming is done in the latest versions of PHP & ASP.Net. We can work with most any databases such as MySQL, MS SQL and more.
* How will you maintain security passing data from and to the web?
The website hosting company will provide firewall & SSL security. We ensure all sensitive information, including passwords, is kept secure by doing thorough QA (quality assurance) testing.
We also keep backups of all site website files, and update these before making a change or taking a new site project live.
* Can you help with copyrighting?
Yes, we have highly qualified, professional copyrighters on staff as part of our marketing team, which we can provide upon request.
SEO & Marketing
* How do you help with getting our site listed to the top of search engines
There are two ways we can get your website to the top of search engine listings. One is through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign and the other is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
We suggest SEO as it is more cost efficient, yet if you need immediate listings, PPC is a good start. For more information, please visit our Services > Online Marketing section.
* How do you measure online marketing success?
The goal of our online marketing program is not just to increase search engine rankings or site traffic, but generate real results for our clients. We measure success the same way you do. Each week your project manager provides you with weekly reports outlining progress, achievements, and data including, but not limited to, search engine rankings, keyword performance, and cost per acquisition. We walk you through each aspect of our metrics and analysis, so you understand the hard numbers and what they mean, as well as the overall direction of the campaign.
* What search engine marketing results have you been able to achieve?
Examples of how we got our clients to the top of major search engines for competitive key words and phrases, and how these rankings benefited these companies.

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