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What Can You Do To Reduce Hormonal Acne

In my recent discussion with my neighbors, we talked almost about hormonal acne.
If you have one, then you understand that it is not easy to get rid of it.
Just like all unpredictable skin conditions, the more you know about it you are more equipped to handle it.
It is best to start with the cause of hormonal acne.
Hormonal acne happens when your hormones go crazy.
Try walking on a tightrope wire.
Your body follows the same way when it tries to get all the hormones under control.
Anything from what you eat to how you feel can increase or decrease your hormonal level.
How can your hormonal level be unstable? Time of the month for instance is one of common factors that makes your hormonal level goes out of control.
However, other factors can still cause swing in your hormones if your hormonal level is already out of balance or delicately tuned.
Here are the primary culprits that are responsible for your raging hormones.
Stress High stress levels increase the cortisol levels in your body.
Cortisol can lead to inflammation in your body on long-term basis.
This can make skin issues including eczema, acne, psoriasis and urticaria worse.
Heightened levels of cortisol encourage your body to produce hormones as a short-term effect.
The effects will show up on your skin.
Contraceptive Pill When it comes to upsetting your hormonal balance, the pill is the worst culprit.
Birth control pills help women to keep their hormones under control so they could not get pregnant.
Once you don't take the pill, the once carefully maintained hormonal level is now tipped off.
The imbalance will cause havoc on your skin.
Many women suffer after coming off the pill.
Unfortunately, it can take up to a few years before the balance is restored.
Dairy More and more people learn that eliminating dairy products can reduce acne.
Your body tends to produce escalated levels of sebum because of the hormonal disruption caused by consuming dairy products.
This can result in clogged pores.
Sugar Sugar is bad news.
If you're serious about clearing your hormonal acne, then the best thing to do is to skip table sugar.
When your body consume lots of sugar, it tends to increase estrogen production.
This hormone can drive your sebacous glands to produce more sebum.
Simply put, your skin will become more oil due to excess sugar.
This causes your pores to be clogged, leading to the development of pimples.
Is There A Product That Can Reduce Hormonal Acne? Topical product is useless against hormonal acne.
If you want to get rid of acne, you need to get the root of the problem.
Yet, you can keep your skin clear with a good skin care regime.
Look for a moisturizer that is free of alcohol and fragrance to keep the skin moist sans clogging the pores.
Try using anti acne spot treatments.
It will help especially on areas with inflammation, redness and bacteria.
Finally, don't get frustrated as you need to wait for a while before your skin improves.
While working with your skin, you also need to look at your daily food, lifestyle and general wellness.
I think in a matter of time, things will start to happen on your skin.

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