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Ideas on How to Decorate Bedrooms With Photos

    Black and White Photos

    • Black and white photographs look classic and timeless. They also go well with a variety of color schemes, making them ideal for many bedrooms. Frame black and white photographs in basic black wooden frames for a timeless look, or in plain glass frames for a modern, minimalist feel. Mount black and white photographs with a white mat for a more formal effect. Alternately, frame black and white photos in brightly colored metal frames for a hip, edgy look.

    Collage Frames or Collage Wall

    • Collage or multi-photo frames allow you to display several photographs in one decoration. Collage frames range in size and come in several colors, such as black and silver. You can also achieve a collage look by hanging several photographs near each other on a wall. Creating your own wall collage takes longer than using a collage frame, because you have to design the collage and hang up each frame individually, but it also gives you the freedom to choose how many pictures you want and the option to add or remove pictures later. If you want to design your own collage wall, make sure your frames match and arrange them on the floor before you hang them on the wall.

    Photo Enlargements and Canvases

    • You can emphasize one photograph, such as a wedding photograph or family portrait, by enlarging it to poster size or ordering a photo canvas. Photo canvases are available from a variety of websites, such as Walgreens or Kodak. Photo canvases create the look of a painting and don't require a frame. If you hang photo enlargements or canvases, allow plenty of space; these elements are visually powerful enough to dominate an entire wall.

    Frames and Cubes

    • You can also put a few framed pictures on your nightstand, dresser, bookshelf or window ledge. Avoid clutter by only placing one or two frames on each surface. If you want to display more pictures, consider using photo cubes, which display four or five photos and also add depth. For best results, use similar frames throughout your room, such as metal frames or wooden frames painted a certain color.

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