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How to Kiss a Girl Right! You Will Leave Her Breathless

The first kiss is almost like your first impression into the sexual world with a woman.
If you have been wondering about how to kiss a girl right then look no further.
If you can give a girl an electric kiss it will start a snowball effect and the girl will immediately start thinking about "how you are in bed.
" You can go from zero to hero just like that.
A lot of guys think they are professional kissers because they have been to a few parties and had a few late nights.
That is NOT true by any means.
Studies have shown that a lot of girls have been let down in their first kiss of the relationship, don't become a statistic, be one of the top kissers! Here is the simple process that has works for years! Establish a Connection! Don't just jump into the kiss.
Allow her to be aware the kiss is coming and prepare herself, maybe she feels more comfortable applying lip gloss or something as simple as putting gum in her mouth.
The best way to establish a connection is just to touch her.
Nothing drastic just gentle hand on the shoulder or her hand.
Don't forget to look her in the eyes when you are about to kiss her!! Get Rid of Shyness or Nervousness! If you have been talking for a while there are a lot of Mon-verbal clues that she wants to be kissed.
Maybe she will maintain eye contact or glance at your lips.
A small tip as well, if she plays with her care she is interested!! Now the moment is here! Lock eyes with her, angle your head and slowly move in about 90% of the way.
Don't just force your face to hers, allow her to come to you that small percentage.
Start off with a peck and move from there if you are feeling that she is interested.
She will give off clues, maybe she will even move into you, then you know its all good! Happy Kissing! Remember, knowing how to kiss a girl right is only half the battle, you have to put these steps into implementation and see how your love life skyrockets.

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