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Add Christmas Joy for Needy Children and to Your Family

As adults, we seem to have forgotten how much joy getting a gift from Santa Claus used to bring us. Personally, for me I used to count the days for Christmas to arrive or think hard about what gift to ask Santa Claus weeks before the actual day arrived. Nowadays, there are a lot more options available regarding gifts and fun activities for children than there were, when we were kids. Nowadays, it is common practice to give children Santa letters along with the Santa gifts. One of the benefits of letting children write to Santa Claus is that parents can get a hint of what their child or children really want while keeping the magic of Christmas intact.

Some organizations have come up with unique concepts for helping needy children. Major post offices all over the country participate in this philanthropic mission. Some people, who want to volunteer and help, read needy children's letter to Santa Claus. These post office letters to Santa are taken up by the volunteers and depending on one's own capabilities, that person sends a gift back to the postal address of that child. In this way, there are no middle men or mediators and whatever you give goes directly to the child in need.

Even though Christmas is supposedly the official day that Jesus Christ was born, most people now consider giving gifts and bringing happiness to other people and smiles on children's faces as the true spirit of Christmas. You can get an idea or hint of what your children would like to have as a Christmas present through your children's letters to Santa Claus. You can coordinate a Christmas Party to have fun as well as share the work and the cost as well as the fun. You can request each guest to bring one or more gifts and wrap them up with your kids as you enjoy the party.

Apart from the tradition of kids opening Santa Claus gifts on Christmas morning, you can be creative and find several other Santa gifts that you can give to your children at different days throughout the Christmas season. It could be anything like craft do-it-yourself kits that has a Christmas theme, a personalized card for writing a letter to Santa Claus brightly colored calendars for counting down the days till the big day arrives, Christmas themed activity books and other personalized Christmas ornaments. You can also multiply the joy felt by your kids by giving them letters supposedly written by Santa Claus. All of this will add more excitement and fun for all members of the family. You can also go on line and find a wide range of great gift ideas and craft kits for your children.

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