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24 Tips For Job Interview

These 24 tips will teach you how you should behave before and during an interview. If you remember and follow them, you are sure to succeed in your next interview.
These 24 tips cover all the aspects of an interview. A lot of them are for keeping your thought process steady and to create the best impression. Reread them many times until you get clarity about these 24 tips.
1. Be punctual for a job interview. An employer knows that if you can not show up on time for a job interview, you can not do it for work either.
2. Prepare in advance even if you think you do not require any preparation. The preparation you did for previous job interviews is no guarantee that this one will be the same.
3. Avoid too much amusement on the day before the interview. Amusing moments are essential for a healthy living but it can be a distraction.
4. Keep the clothes ready the day before. You don't want to waste your time in the morning of the interview day, in search of the perfect outfit.
5. Choose the clothes which fit the job that you are applying for. Make sure they do not look too formal, unless your job is going to be in the fashion industry.
6. Go through the sample interview questions and answers that you can find online, this is to get an idea of how the good and acceptable answers sound.
7. Have your friend conduct mock interviews with you, especially if you are attending your first interview.
8. Stay away from sites like Facebook and Myspace once you start your interview preparation, unless the position you are applying for is social media consultant.
9. On the interview day and the day before, eat something that digests easily and does not make you feel sleepy.
10. The most important thing to read before the interview is your own resume. If the interviewer asks about your career goals, you don't want it to sound completely different from the objectives you wrote in your resume.
11 Research the employer's company well and understand what the company does. Interviewer often asks what you know about the company to find out how interested you are in the job.

12. Be prepared for anything! Sometimes interviewers may ask weird questions just to see how you react. You may think that the question is stupid but the real reason for the question is to look
at the real you beyond your masks.
13. Switch off your cell phone before the interview. First, the ring tone of your cell phone can be the worst distraction for both you and the interviewer. Second, it shows that you did not care enough to switch it off in the first place.
14. Your body language can convey more than what your speech could convey. Actions like biting your nails, covering your mouth while talking, touching your face, tapping your fingers on the table etc show that you are nervous and feel insensitive. Sit erect and comfortable and rest your palms on your thighs while you are talking.
15. Ever felt tempted to interrupt someone while chatting with your friends because you had something interesting to say? It happens often. Interruptions are natural in a casual conversation with friends but completely odd in a job interview. Never interrupt the speaker in any formal conversation.
16. One thing that gives best impression about you is your smile. Smile often throughout the interview! Smile is contagious and even a frowning interviewer may start smiling in response to your smile.
17. Making frequent eye contacts during the interview is essential as well. Don't look away when a question is asked and make sure that you look at the person's eye during introductions.
18. A firm handshake is a good sign of confidence. When you shake hands with the interviewer, be firm, smile and make eye contact. Make sure that your hands are clean and dry. Don't squeeze the interviewer's hand.
19. Do not be a talkative, too much talking is as bad as being too silent. The interviewer does not want to hear your life story or things that make you feel proud of yourself.
20. Do not pretend that you know when you actually do not know the answer. It does not matter if you cannot answer all the questions correctly. The interviewer does not expect you to have answers for all the questions either
When you do not know the answer for the question, being honest and accepting that you do not know is the best possible answer that you can give.
21. Do not get lost in thoughts. One of t re about the potential employer and make a good impression as well.he worst things that can happen to you in an interview is to having to ask the interviewer to repeat what he just said. Never let that happen!
22. Never bad mouth your past employer or the company. No matter what the reason might be, badmouthing a past employer is always frowned upon and kills the interview
23. Ask questions yourself! At the end of the interview, the interviewer asks if you have any questions. Use this opportunity to know mo

24. Make your last smile of the hour unforgettable! Don't leave the interview room in a rush but take your time to smile and thank the interviewer.
Finally, it should be noted that you gain something in each job interview attended, whether you get the job or not. Once the interview is over, reflect on your performance during the interview and make a note of all the questions that were asked. Think about the questions that you found difficult to handle and come up with best possible answers for them.

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