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How To Apply Hair Wax

Step 1
Scoop out some wax. You only need a little. Scoop it out with your index, middle, and ring finger.Softer waxes with less control have a lower number and waxes with the most holding power have a higher number. The hair care industry has adopted a rating system with number one having the least styling control and number 10, the greatest.

Step 2
Spike short hair straight up by apply a dollop of pliable wax to the palm of your hand then rubbing your palms together briskly until the friction warms the wax to a soft cream. Rub your fingers through damp just-washed hair and form into spikes, allowing hair to dry naturally.

Enhance hard-to-hold curls by adding a smidgen of hair wax to the ends of each strand before styling with hot rollers. When the curls are dry, they will retain their shape and bounce longer.

Step 4

Freshen up a wilting spiral perm by washing and towel drying your hair before rubbing a small amount of hair wax between your palms and using your hands to scrunch your perm into shape. Concentrate on the tips of the hair when styling and avoid your scalp and roots.

Step 5

Control African-American hair by applying a liberal amount of liquid hair wax after shampooing and braiding narrow rows of hair into scalp braids. Also known as cornrows, liquid hair wax controls the frizzies and allows coarse curly hair to be styled with ease.

Step 6

Separate small strands of hair with hair wax for a flirty, carefree look. After your hair is dry, rub a small amount between your palms until creamy and apply with your fingertips to each strand, separating and chunking your hair.

Note:Wash your hair at the end of the day after doing this, because you don't want to sleep with clumps of wax in your hair.
Make sure the wax is spread out. It won't be visible once you've spread it all around your hair.

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