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Technology Revolution--Smartphones Keep Growing

As we know, things always improve. The pace of technology and innovation has made a huge impact on the world. Nowadays, cell phones as well as computers have become the best friend of people and most of us even can not live without them. That is why smartphones appear. As an all-in-one, portable device, smartphone combines the function of both a cell phone and a computer. But do you know its history?

Smartphones--The most life-changing pieces of technology

In 1992, IBM invented the first smartphone which was nicknamed as Simon. It had many function including calendar, address book, calculator, email service and even a touch screen. Of course, the expensive price of $899 was unaffordable to most people.
In 1996, A series of smartphones were launched by Nokia. That was basically a cross between a cell phone and a PDA.
In 2000, R380, the first all-in-one actually smartphone device was developed by Ericsson. It came with Symbian operating system, a touch screen and a foldable keyboard.  
In 2002, there is a comprehensive revolution with smartphone. Email exchange became simple and popular. MP3 player, camera, and wireless technology firstly came into cell phone. Since Blackberry was introduced with its email services, as well as the Palm Treo and its full QWERTY keyboard and Ericsson's P800 model. Several creative features were added to smartphones.
In 2005, Sony Ericsson launched their N-Series of smartphones which were targeted at business people due to their computing capabilities.
In 2007, Apple brought the world a iPhone which was introduced with its massive APP store.
In 2008, Google Android operating system thoroughly took off to come into the smartphone market by cooperating with many largest cell phone manufacturers such as HTC, Samsung.

How about smartphone now and its future?

Definitely, Wi-Fi cell phones, unlocked phones, quad-band phones, TV phones are all available on the market and stores online. It is easy for us to find and shop them from Amazon or eBay as well as ShopSimple directly. Smartphones today are widespread and sought-after by many people because of their multiple functions. iPhone 4, Android 2.2, Android 3.0 really blow us away by thier powful function. However, people now are not only satisfied being able to access to the world's latest information and email exchange for business, faster speed network exprience are required. Thus, new smartphone is constantly growing with 3G/4G communication technology and will keep moving.

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