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How To Make Your Ex Crawl Back To You Fast? Here Are The Secrets To Pull Your Ex Back Real Fast

This needs a genie or a magical wonder to do. For your ex to crawl back to you requires a magical type of strategy. It requires imagination to find out what your ex likes and will seek for.

These are 4 tips to make your ex crawl back to you.

TIP 1: GIVE FAVORITE ITEMS. Giving your ex items which are their favorite will help improve the restoration of your relationship. It will take time to heal relationships but this will hasten the process of reconciliation. If you can offer tokens to your ex, this will be souvenirs of your goodness to your ex. Call it materialistic, but hey, we all know it works!

TIP 2: SEND THEM A SURPRISE. Do something unexpected, something grand and sweet but not necessarily cheesy. It will delight your partner. What is important is that you know what will make him/her surprised and happy when they receive it. Add a personal touch to it so it'll be identified unmistakably from you, yet distinctly for him/her. Bank on inside jokes and experiences.

TIP 3: BE COOL. No matter how your ex reacts to you, always be cool. This will be quite surprising to your ex as you are expected to act like you're all sad from the break-up. Show them you're okay. You must have a lot of grace and poise and not allow anger and temper flare ups come into the picture.

TIP 4: MAKE YOUR EX ATTRACTED TO YOU. Related to the previous item, although you're making it seem like you're not desperate to have them back, make sure you are irresistible. You have to be magnetizing your ex with so much positive energy that radiates from all sides. It comes from all aspects of yourself from physical, mental, emotional, psychological, etc.

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