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What Do Bed Bugs Look Like To The Human Eye?

Bed bugs have been around at least since the 17th century, as this is the earliest documentation that exists.
Experts believe bed bugs were present in the caves of pre-historic humans and fed on their blood.
Although common in the United States prior to World War II, regular use of DDT almost eliminated them for decades.
With the use of DDT being prohibited, they are now returning in record numbers in some areas of the country.
People who have never seen such a bug might not now they are nocturnal insects and are rarely seen during the day.
They prefer to hide in dark places rarely found my humans.
These areas include dark crevices and holes, behind wall switches and plates, inside mattresses, behind beds, inside lamps and drawers.
Any quiet place they can enter and hide is a good place to look for them.
Bed bugs inject an anesthetic while extracting the blood from its prey, so it is not possible to detect bites immediately.
Naturally, the question arising in people's minds is what does a bed bug look like since they are so shy? The most common belief is that they are probably not visible to the naked eye.
But the truth is, bed bugs are large enough to be detected with the naked eye, although it might be necessary to use the help of a magnifier to find the hiding pests.
The appearance of bed bugs differs from childhood to adulthood.
To answer the question of what do bed bugs look like, a close examination of the body structure of the bugs is essential.
The adults have a distinguishing reddish brown color while the younger ones are translucent and are light colored compared to the adults.
They gradually take on a brownish color as they advance towards adulthood.
Their shape makes them particularly efficient for hiding in small cracks and crevices.
Their bodies are oval shaped and is also flattened.
However, they become elongated and swollen after sucking blood out of the host's body.
They can grow to lengths of about 4 to 5 mm and do not move very fast.
As a result, they can be easily seen when closely observed.
Closer analysis of bedbugs reveal a banded appearance which is due to the presence of microscopic hairs on the bug's body.
The smaller ones on the other hand look completely different from the adults and can be mistaken for other insects.
Not only is its size smaller but the body color is also different.
However, they grow browner as they moult.
So, what do bed bugs look like? When simply answered, it can be said that they resemble apple seeds or lentils.
They also have beaks which help them in sucking blood from their host's body.
The average length of eggs is 1mm and they are white in color.
They hide in different places within the room and can even be found within mattresses.
You'll find traces of the bed bug from blood stains they leave behind on walls, mattresses, and bed linens.
Fecal spots, shed skins and eggshells are routinely found around their hiding places.

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