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Why You Should Use a Chemical Free Eye Cream and What You Should Avoid

One of the saddest truths in the current skin care market is that most products use synthetic or toxic ingredients that more than helping you it hurt you skin by producing dryness, irritation, inflammation and other side effects.
The truth is that those companies don't care if they are using harsh chemicals on their products, they just want to sell as many products as possible that produce some kind of positive effect in a percentage of their consumers so they want to buy more.
You should only buy chemical free creams that are made of natural ingredients and that are proven to produce positive results in any type of skin.
If you are planning to buy an eye cream to get rid of dark circles and under eye wrinkles you should be careful of what you choose.
Let me give your some guidelines to helpyou choose a good chemical free eye cream: Avoid any cream with fragrances, they usually contain chemicals and have toxins that hurt the skin.
Avoid products with collagen, because collagen can not penetrate the skin, thus will not produce any effect, what you need is a cream that will act inside your skin to stimulate the production of collagen.
Read the label of the product before making a choice and make sure that it doesn't contain chemicals or synthetic ingredients.
There are some organic skin care products that have preservatives be aware when reading the labels One of the best ingredients to reduce eye wrinkles is Eyeliss which was formulated in Europe and has been a well guarded secret of celebrities.
It has proven to reduce bags under eyes and smooth wrinkles.
Haloxyl is another very effective ingredient that combined with Eyeliss is very effective in reducing bags and dark circles.
Other anti aging natural ingredients for the eyes are CynergyTk, CoenzymeQ10, Homeo Age, Babassu, Natural Vitamin E and Active Mauke Honey.
As you can see choosing a chemical free eye cream is very important and you should not take this lightly, if you are not sure of what to do consult your dermatologist and check products that are natural although not as popular as the other ones.

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