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Virgo Astrology - An Astrologer Interprets the Virgo Quest For Perfection

When you read sun sign astrology or ask an astrologer what does it mean to have so much Virgo in the chart, many times you will hear the word perfection.
But does that really apply to Virgos? How many times have you seen a Virgo who appears far from being perfect? So what is the story behind this key word perfection with Virgo? The quest of Virgo is service, to do something that they know they are good at and to be able to help others along the way.
They do not need to be perfect, it is only in the path of Virgo that they can limit themselves in taking a risk in something that they may not feel they have all the qualifications for that they are not quite "perfect" enough to interview for a job that they do not think they qualify for.
Somewhere along the way in life the Virgo child had an event where they felt they did not do something good enough or that they were not good enough.
The Virgo child adopted a belief that they were not "perfect" or "good enough" in the eyes of a respected adult, whether it was a parent teacher or other significant adult figure.
This belief goes underground, so to speak, operating unseen or unknown as a driving force that can hold back the talents and gifts of the Virgo person as they are always waiting until they are "good enough" to reach the next dream or goal they set.
In the critical Virgo this event triggered anger and resistance where silently they became resentful at being told or taught they were not good enough in whatever way and began to look at the world as wrong, in essence criticizing people and things around them to thwart the rejection and pain of being criticized.
The flip side of Virgo is the critical Virgo, always finding what is wrong.
Instead of directing the negative not good enough inward, it is directed outward to others and the world.
Astrology charts have many components and the difference between the outward critical demeaning Virgo and the inward self effacing Virgo is seen through the rest of their respective chart combinations.
In essence however the mechanism is similar, that the critical Virgo sees the world through: Many things in the world are not right, it is not good enough and I can be better by pointing that out to you.
Ask your astrologer or look in your astrology chart for planets that support you in your Virgo dilemma.
Many times the positive qualities of Jupiter or your Venus will bring happiness in your life and help in navigating your path of transformation.
The Virgo may resist this idea, as they may think that the path of perfection keeps them from falling into a deep pit of being on the bottom of the barrel with nothing to offer.
"I must be better" cries the voice from the subconscious, yet when the inner child is soothed with the words that "you are good enough just as you are and yes you can learn more and keep advancing wherever you want" then something clicks and they are free from the chains that keep them from competing with others where they feel they will not be equal or feel less than.
When the Virgo person becomes comfortable with who they are, and feel that what they have to offer is good enough for now, and understand that life is an evolution and they continue to grow whether or not the inner voice is chiding them that where they are in the moment is somehow wrong or not enough they become free and happy.
Finding peace and happiness is difficult for the critical or introverted Virgo if he or she is giving power away.
Whether the powerlessness comes from not believing they can not change the outside world or the change themselves from within.
However the solution is the same, finding peace with what is and not resisting what is allows for life to flow.
See the perfection in the imperfections of life.

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