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What Is a Good Base Pay for Entry Level at a Marketing Company?

    Entry-Level Pay

    • Marketing managers who can prove themselves can make greater levels of pay.John Rowley/Photodisc/Getty Images

      The salary earned by those just entering the marketing field will generally vary by the type of job performed. Market and research analysts, for example, made $33,350 or less per year in 2010, at the bottom of the pay scale, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, survey researchers typically made significantly less at just $18,660 or less per year. Those entering the field with a bachelor's degree in marketing or business management with a marketing emphasis may be able to command more in annual salary. The BLS points out that marketing managers at the bottom end of the pay scale made $57,750 or less per year in 2010.

    Median Salary

    • Median salary figures provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics also provide a guide for what might be considered a good starting salary for those in the marketing field. Starting salaries in most fields will generally be less than the median salary, but the median salary can be significantly higher than the salary earned by those at the bottom end of the pay scale. The BLS notes that survey researchers made a median salary of $36,050 per year in 2010, while market research analysts earned $60,570. Marketing managers made a median salary of $112,800.

    Earning Potential

    • Th earning potential for those in the marketing field is significantly greater than the pay made by those at the bottom level of the pay scale. For instance, survey researchers made an average salary of $43,450 in 2010, with those at the top of the pay scale making $78,030 or more per year. Market research analysts averaged $66,850 per year, with the highest-paid analysts making more than $111,440 per year. Marketing managers likewise earned significantly more with an average salary of $122,720 and a high end salary of more than $166,000 per year.

    Job Outlook

    • The job outlook for those entering the marketing field appears to be bright in many of the available vocational fields. According to the BLS, marketing manager jobs will grow in number by 14 percent from 2008 to 2018. Those in the fields of market research analysis and survey research will experience even greater levels of job growth. The bureau projects 30 percent job growth for those in survey research and 28 percent for those involved in marketing research analysis.

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