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Finding the Perfect Bridal Dress

Choosing a wedding dress is probably one of the most exciting day's a in a woman's life.
Many women dream about walking down the aisle in the perfect dress.
Some envision themselves looking like princesses others want something more simple and elegant.
Whatever is your preference there are lots of dresses to choose from and it helps to narrow it down to what looks good on you rather than what you picture yourself wearing.
Your first trip to a bridal store can be overwhelming.
Lace, strapless, sweetheart neckline, satin, bustles, embroidery, sequins and sparkle are all features you will be confronted with when selecting a gown.
Take it all in, but know your body type and that will help you decide on one that will flatter your figure.
Peruse a few bridal magazines to see what styles appeal to you.
Bring them with you to the bridal store and see if they can order what you like.
Or try on similar dresses in the store.
Magazines are a good place to start if you're just beginning your search for a wedding dress.
When you're looking at the available dresses, keep in mind what silhouette will best suit your body type.
It will only upset you to get your heart set on a dress that will only suit a size 8 if you're a size 16.
Also, take into consideration the location and time of year you're going to be married.
A beach wedding or daytime wedding will call for a different style of dress than one set in a hotel or in the evening.
When you visit a bridal store it's OK to bring along one or two people for advice.
Too many guests may make it hard for you to choose as everyone chimes in with their opinion.
Better to know what looks good on you and what type of dress you're looking for before you start trying on dresses.
Ultimately, it's your wedding and your decision.
Visit a few bridal stores so you can compare prices.
You may be able to negotiate the price of a dress or get a discount on a floor sample.
Some stores have special sale days where they discount all of their floor samples.
It's probably a good idea to try on a few dresses before you settle on one, even if you're first dress seems perfect.
Putting on a few others will give you a basis for comparison and you may change your mind about what you thought you wanted.
Getting married is an exciting time in a woman's life.
Selecting the man and selecting the dress are two tough decisions, so take your time and make sure you you're happy with your choices.

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