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Can You Rid Yourself of Hemorrhoids?

If you have been dealing with hemorrhoids for a very long time, perhaps years even; you might be thinking that the condition is a life sentence for you, because even though the symptoms subside and the piles disappear for awhile.
They always return, and when they do, they come back with a vengeance.
The new episode is worse than your last experience.
In order to treat your condition, one must know what exactly is going on with the rear-end distress.
What is causing the varicose veins in your rectum to become inflamed? After all, that is what hemorrhoids are, veins in an uproar, because of too much straining when one goes to the bathroom.
I guess you can say the veins in your rectum are protesting.
Constipation put stress on those veins, causing pain, itching, swelling and bleeding.
When these veins are in distress, you are going to be miserable, a very unhappy camper.
In order to get rid of the hemorrhoids and their symptoms, the first place one should look is at their diet, how and what you are eating.
To keep the inflammation down, or to make it go away completely; you are going to begin by changing your diet to foods that do not constipate you.
Perhaps stool softeners and drinking plenty of water will do the trick for you.
You have to eliminate constipation from your bathroom visits all together, and once and for all.
Most people, after they go to the doctor, they come away believing that Preparation H and like products will get rid of the hemorrhoids, but this is faulty thinking, because all of the prescribed medications are just a temporary fix; putting a band-aid on the problem.
They aren't curing anything and you know this because your symptoms keep returning and when they return, you are more likely to return to your doctor for another solution for the derriere' problem.
Some times, going back and forth to the doctor, and experimenting with medications, you just may begin to feel like a lab rat, or a guinea pig.
When this happens, it can make you feel that life is so unfair because crap keeps happening to you or your derriere' over and over again.
This in my book is not a happy feeling.
If you want to rid yourself of this embarrassing problem, you must begin by changing your diet.
In this case, food and constipation are the culprits to your hemorrhoid flare-ups.
What you are eating is causing the veins in your rectum to be irritated because of the straining.
If you fix that problem first, it should be easy sailing from here on out.
However, if you still have flare-ups, you can always go natural for safer treatments to combat those rectal symptoms of distress.
The doctors may have the prescriptions, but you as the patient...
the choices are in your hands, especially when everything else seems to be failing you.
If you are seeking help, find solutions the all natural way.
What do you have to lose?

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